How do we support Adaptive Leadership?

Leadership Training

Our workshops focus on...

  • Leadership & authority and the difference between managing and leading with or without power

  • Diagnosing and intervening into organizational politics and group dynamics

  • Untangling technical and adaptive work and managing organizational  learning

  • Overcoming your obstacles to growing as a manager and leader


Executive Coaching

We help executives and managers...

  • prioritize and delegate

  • increase productivity and performance

  • distinguish between self and role

  • navigate politics, stay alive,  maintain purpose

  • develop their own coaching practice


We work with executives and HR directors to...

  • diagnose conflict, complex challenges and root causes

  • become an adaptive learning organisation

  • design professional development programs that distribute work throughout their organization

Our Foundations combine Organisational and Individual Learning

Adaptive Leadership

Leadership does not start with you exporting your vision, but with understanding what is needed in the situation.  We are wired to fix and solve - especially when we are identified as leaders in our organization. Our Adaptive Leadership work introduces the diagnostic distinction between adaptive and technical challenges and the authority or leadership work required to address them. The systemic framework builds on the work of Ronald Heifetz, Dean Williams and Marty Linsky from the Harvard Kennedy School.


Immunity to Change

Keeping up with your fast paced organization asks a lot of your people. The demands on work/life balance are greater than they ever have been. Many of us trying to navigate the modern workplace are “in over our heads” according to psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Our Immunity To Change workshops and coachings provide a refreshing, reflective and impactful alternative to the avalanche of productivity hacks and time management tools. It can be applied to individuals, teams and organisations facing tough, stubborn and persistent challenges.