Register now for the Young Leaders' Project on Crete, Greece!

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For a third time since 2017, KONU joins the Andreas Papandreou Foundation to organize this years’ Young Leaders’ Project.

The Young Leaders Project serves as a model for preparing the next generation of influencers. In the past, we worked with several cohort of rising European Leaders from public and non-profit sectors who demonstrate an exemplary commitment to social challenges, democracy and peace, including government officials, bureaucrats, politicians as well as social activists and students. They all shared the passion to tackle the new wave of populism and authoritarianism and were eager to deepen their understanding how to distinguish simplistic solutions and “alternative-facts” from the real underlying root causes.

The experiential program does not only expose participants to Harvard's leadership frameworks, but also allows them to learn from senior officials and intellectuals, activists and entrepreneurs. Among the presenters were former Leader of the British Labor Party, Ed Milibrand, journalist Misha Glenny, and former Senior World Bank official Mats Karlsson as well as Prime Minister George Papandreou and Nobel Price winner Joseph Stiglitz.  

Are you a change agent working on global challenges in your communities and organizations? Join Tim O’Brien and Michael Koehler at this year's Young Leaders' Project on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece!

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