selected clients - from Profit, Non-Profit and Public SecTors

We work with organisations from diverse sectors facing complex adaptive work.  Our clients range from profit to non-profit and public sectors. We serve Medium Size and S&P 500 companies as well as government agencies, NGOs, universities and foundations.

"The adaptive leadership workshops have provided me with a complex and indispensable lens through which I can learn from both past and present experiences."

Colin Mortensen
Head of Primary School, Phorms Frankfurt, Germany

"I enjoyed the flow and the progression of diagnosing an issue or goal. The group participation part was strong because it challenged you to dig deeper into your own issue. The examples given were both shocking and practical."

Sales Manager
Technology Company, San Francisco, USA

“Tim was able to brilliantly engage a group of high level leaders from some of the world’s most difficult contexts by creating a wonderful, collective learning environment. This group has seen every leadership training out there and Tim’s masterful facilitation made the complex material highly relevant and accessible. Participants are still talking about the effect it had on them and how they want more!”

Miki Jacevic,
Vice Chair at Inclusive Security

"Michael conducted the Adaptive Leadership workshop in China and Indonesia during a program sponsored by the Asia Center and Ash Center at Harvard University. Conducting his workshop at Renmin University (Beijing, China) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Jakarta, Indonesia) -- Michael received high praise at the conferences we organized, with several participants called it the highlight of the program. I have personally attended a few of his workshops and was struck by the seriousness in which he conducts his craft, and was impressed with his level of preparedness."

John Lim, Co-Founder
Center for Asia Leadership Initiatives, Cambridge, USA

"KONU was a great support as we introduced the concepts of Adaptive Leadership in to the leadership curriculum of the Washington Ireland Program for Leadership and Service.  They supported our staff, and led workshops directly with our students.  Their skilled facilitation challenged the students and furthered their development, both as individual leaders and as a network."

Jacleen Mowery, Program Director,
Washington Ireland Program, Dublin, Ireland

"The exercises were great. I loved how Michael and Tim walked around the room and challenged us individually. I enjoyed the collaborative environment as well. I learned a lot from my colleagues and gained new perspectives."

Sales Manager
Technology Company, San Francisco, USA





"I was lucky enough to attend and participate in a five day course offered by the staff at KONU through the Schusterman Foundation. As someone who works to develop new learning experiences I found Michael and Tim's course both unique and surprisingly challenging. It's a rare thing when a student has to give all of their attention to a course for a full day and still ends up wrestling with concepts and application when it's over. It's an even more unusual for students to increasingly take ownership of their own learning objectives and intellectual challenges throughout a course. I could prattle on about what this course meant to me in terms of content and experience but my real point is to suggest that if you are interested in Harvard quality experiential learning to develop adaptive leadership skills in order to face challenges on a personal or organizational level, give this group a look. I can say with certainty, it will be hard work, but the net result for the committed learner can be profound."

More about the whole project here.

Benjamin Davies
ROI fellow and Senior Program Manager at Harvard University
Boston, USA

"Michael is a talented coach. In our six months working together, he supported my learning through an experiential course in leadership and adaptive change. Michael sensitively facilitated my learning experience; he challenged my assumptions, while offering a great deal of support. I also saw him adapt his approach to the different needs of my class mates, and he was essential to our collective success. I consider Michael an excellent mentor and hope to work with him again."

Elizabeth Day, Senior Policy Officer
Department of the Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, Australia

"My situation was complicated... I was helping leaders from the nonprofit and commercial worlds work together, but their incentives couldn't have been more disparate. Michael's unpacking of the situation was brilliant; thanks to him I have a clever strategy to help each side see the other's perspective with more empathy and less judgment."

Neil M., Management Consultant,
New York City, USA

"I have greatly enjoyed being part of the one-year leadership programme and think there really is a lot to gain from it. What makes it especially worth while is the connection that we have managed to build up amongst the different participants, creating a network across schools where we can access help from different sites even beyond the programm itself”

School Principal, PHORMS Education,
Berlin, Germany

"I really enjoyed digging into the root cause of my behaviors I would like to change. Behavior modification is so important for growth and change. I think this was a great exercise for people who are ready to dig deeper into their own behaviors. I learned a ton and plan to use this exercise with all my direct reports."

Sales Manager
Technology Company, San Francisco, USA


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