Coaching: Science & Technology Policy Fellowships


Coaching: Science & Technology Policy Fellowships

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Our career coaching is available to supplement the skills, knowledge, and networks fellows gain through the immersive fellowship experience and the professional development opportunities they receive. Upon completion of the program, some alumni return to their prior institutions, while others transition to new sectors (government, nonprofit, academia, industry).

Coaching support may include, but is not be limited to:

Guidance & Support

  • Providing fresh perspectives; acting as a sounding board;

  • Enhancing personal growth and building self-confidence;

  • Providing on-going support to change ingrained habits and behaviors, encouragement to stay motivated;

  • Providing reinforcement for learning;

Relationship Building & Collaboration

  • Developing trusting and open relationships;

  • Strategic questioning and attentive listening;

  • Collaborating to set leadership and business goals and steps for reaching them;

Setting Goals & Challenges

  • Challenging the person to move beyond accustomed ways of looking at issues;

  • Challenging the person to achieve more than he/she would ask of him/herself;

  • Encouraging self-discovery and generation of solutions and strategies;

Analysis & Feedback

  • Holding individuals responsible and accountable for achieving their leadership and business goals through coaching sessions;


  • Managing Career Change;

  • Maintaining work-life balance.

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