Resist the Temptation: Leadership and Seduction


Resist the Temptation: Leadership and Seduction


Know your personal tuning and learn to avoid common traps that endanger your valuable work

There’s a reason why leadership is so damn attractive. Power and influence appeal to almost everyone on a primal level, drawing us towards the people who wield it. At the same time, those people in authority roles are often lonely and desperate for intimacy. Unfortunately, these needs and temptations often result in disastrous consequences.

You have seen it before: A supposedly funny innuendo devolves into egregious behavior, or even an indecent assault. Or an innocent flirtation morphs into inappropriate affair. Or office gossip pollutes the social atmosphere, distracting people from important work and negatively impacting morale.

Drawing on research and teachings from Harvard’s Adaptive Leadership framework (Heifetz et al.) this session will unpack social taboos around intimacy at work, explore why temptation, sexuality, and intimacy are so prominent in power dynamics, and provide space for us to openly address the complex reality between loneliness, shame, and personal hungers.

In the confidential and safe space of this session, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss public examples and case-studies that exemplify the danger and complexity of intimacy and power  

  • Analyze your own personal hungers and desires

  • Identify the ways these can be used to seduce us away from the work at hand

  • Develop internal and external focusing anchors that allow us to stay connected to our true purpose and goals without getting seduced

Wherever you are in your leadership development journey, this session will provide you with actionable and impactful ideas and insights into the underlying complexity of intimacy and power, and help you learn how to productively address the sensitive dynamics of intimacy to keep yourself and your environment from fracturing.

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