Don’t Do It Alone: Partnership and Alliances


Don’t Do It Alone: Partnership and Alliances


Bust down silos and build bridges to form partnerships across different factions

As society increasingly fractures into narrow partisanship, cultural silos, and social media filter bubbles, more and more people are feeling disconnected. This atomization increases the diversity and variety of adaptive challenges, while at the same time reducing our ability to work together to solve them. We need leaders willing to work across these boundaries and open space for true dialogue and partnership. Leaders who appreciate both the strengths and constraints of diverse cultures and groups, and who can mobilize action in the midst of that diversity.

But leadership in a fractured world is no easy feat. Stepping onto this path can be like stepping onto a razor’s edge, and it must be done mindfully and strategically. Forming partnerships with people who seem at odds with your own goals might feel like a betrayal of your values, and you risk losing the trust and confidence of those who are already on your side. And if you go it alone, the odds of failure go up dramatically.

Building on the political analysis work of our previous session, and drawing heavily on Professor Dean William’s seminal work, Leadership for a Fractured World, this session offers tools and tactics for genuine partnership.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The difference between true confidants and strategic allies and why both are essential to your success.

  • How to cultivate curiosity and avoid the common mistakes that come with cross-boundary leadership

  • How to manage the risk of betrayal and maintain the support and engagement of your core allies

  • How to build lasting trust with potential allies in order to find a common ground.

Wherever you are in your leadership development journey, this session will provide you with actionable and impactful ideas and insights that help you transcend the tribal impulses that keep us divided so you can work to solve interdependent problems in your community.

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