Adaptive Leadership

Leadership does not start with you exporting your vision, but with understanding what is needed in the situation.  We are wired to fix and solve - especially when we are identified as leaders in our organization.  Our Adaptive Leadership workshops and programs introduce the diagnostic distinction between adaptive and technical challenges and the authority or leadership work required to address them.


After the workshop the participants will be better able to

  • Think systemically about individual and organizational change

  • Diagnose the urgent adaptive challenges and distinguish them from technical work at marketplace, organizational, team, individual levels

  • Reboot understanding of leadership and command a diverse set of options for leadership from any position in an organization or group

  • Use peer consulting and coaching methods to continuously generate learning and options in their leadership practice


Our methodology values participant's lived experiences over prepared case materials and examples. Structured exercises are built around participant cases and stories. These real and relevant dynamics illuminate the challenges of your workplace. As a result, the subsequent learning and action plans are directed at what matters most to your people and your organization.   


The workshop builds on Ronald Heifetz's Adaptive Leadership framework.