Developing minds for complex times

Your organization is navigating a complex world with interdependent marketplaces, dynamic growth, and unpredictable innovation. Thriving in this world means your organization has to learn.

As your organization develops, your people need to develop. Stakeholders from all levels of hierarchy need to build a stomach for uncertainty, see the big picture, and take action. There is more at stake here than improved morale. The commitment to lead directly drives the success of your entire organization.

We help build the capacity of individuals and groups to successfully take on complex challenges.

Adaptive Leadership Training

Our leadership development training empowers participants to take on complex challenges and help their teams, organizations and societies make progress.

We work with individuals and groups in a variety of formats – from one-day workshops to year-long integrated programs that develop the participants’ ability to use authority and to exercise leadership, to effectively diagnose the system they operate in, to partner well, to build and manage strong teams and to stay engaged so they can thrive.

Our trainings draw on experiential methods in which participants learn from the here-and-now of group dynamics, organizational cases, structured exercises and reflection. It is based on the popular Adaptive Leadership classes from Harvard Kennedy School, taught by Ronald Heifetz and his collaborators, including KONU partner and founder Tim O’Brien.

Executive Coaching

Development happens when support and challenges are well balanced. Our 1:1 coaching sessions offer executives and managers a space to grow as they reflect on their own work, analyze their role, uncover blind spots and discover new action options. Learn more about our coaching here.

Developmental Assessment

Our coaches are certified to administer The Leadership Circle Profile - a powerful 360 assessment process. It is grounded in adult development theory and helps build out the competencies and mindsets that are needed to exercise leadership on complex adaptive challenges. Our team has found that of all the 360 assessments out there, The Leadership Circle is the most well-rounded. It provides you with a robust inventory of the strengths you are over- and under-using. We use it ourselves and love the conversation it generates. 

We diagnose complex problems and help design and implement strategies for organizational adaptation.

Stakeholder and Faction Analysis

We help our clients gain a fuller view of their system by mapping its stakeholders, hidden actors and the perspectives, values, loyalties and losses vis-a-vis the challenges they are facing. This approach can help develop a strategy for multi-stakeholder engagement in difficult organizational and political initiatives.

Resistance to Change Analysis

In order to overcome our resistance to change, we need to understand the real reason behind the resistance. We often misdiagnose resistance, believing that aversions arise out of a lack of motivation or willpower, when in truth real or perceived competing commitments, worries and assumptions are at play. With our Resistance to Change Analysis we help our clients uncover the things that are holding them back and lay the groundwork for lasting change. Our work is grounded in Robert Kegan’s and Lisa Lahey’s Immunity to Change approach.

Interactive Workshop Design and Powerful Facilitation

We design and facilitate workshops for strategy retreats and meetings that are tailored to our clients' needs. Our workshops create a safe environment for participants to surface challenges, have courageous conversations, and learn in ways that often did not seem possible beforehand.