Introduction to Immunity to Change

Keeping up with your fast paced organization asks a lot of your people. The demands on work/life balance are greater than they ever have been. Many of us trying to navigate the modern workplace are “in over our heads” according to psychologists Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey. Our Immunity To Change workshops and coachings provide a refreshing, reflective and impactful alternative to the avalanche of productivity hacks and time management tools.


After the workshop the participants will be better able to

  • Diagnose one’s own and their organization’s Immunity to Change

  • Develop action plans for overcoming persistent and stubborn Immunities to Change


Our methodology values participant’s lived experiences over prepared case materials and examples. Structured exercises are built around participant cases and stories. Partnerwork is key. As a result, the subsequent learning and action plans are directed at what matters most to your people and your organization.   


The workshop is built on Robert Kegan's  Adult Development and Immunity to Change framework.